[Feature Request] Present Action group presets as buttons or hotkeys for instant execution

The presets function in Actions is extremely useful... Switching between groups of Actions essential to my workflow. But, frequently manipulating the preset menu takes a lot of extra clicks. There is also the opportunity for error should you do a quick Alt-6 and hit Enter, forgetting that the Action dialog will be on the last preset that you used.

I think the idea of Action presets can be made even more useful if we had an additional way to quickly invoke them that was exposed at a high level in the GUI, and did not have any kind of memory for the last preset used. Imagine a new button panel, set of toolbar buttons, context submenu, or even hotkeys -- one for each Action preset. Make that selection, and that preset is executed -- that's it.

This would save a lot of keystrokes and mouse clicks needed to switch presets, and eliminate the opportunity to make a careless mistake by running the wrong preset due to the way the previous preset is remembered in the Action panel.

I'm not suggesting changing the Action panel or preset function at all, just adding a new instant way to execute the presets defined therein.


Do you think about something like this:
("borrowed" from another software)

Just imagine the various action names in the first column.

And an input box to define the shortcut/hotkey
including a check and warning if a pressed key is already assigned?

I've always wondered if and why users should use these presets. My "presets" instead are action groups that I have defined for my workflow and the compilation of individual actions is reliably constant. To be honest, I would never think of clicking together actions that I would have to check the ticks every time I executed them in order not to cause any harm.

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@LyricsLover -- something like that would work, yes. My preference would by some kind of buttons simply because I might have a lot of these presets.

@poster -- My presets are action groups too, it's just that sometimes I need group A and sometimes group B.

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That's natural. But do you combine with ticking several action groups? If have defined more than 40 single actions and action groups, partly grouped in the menue with naming (using #). If a want to execute an action I click on Actions or the little arrow at the action icon image and select my action to execute.

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And it still fills the entire screen and I have to scroll up and down :wink:

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Scrolling is not necessary here because of grouping with #. Anyway they fill nearly the whole screen but I use only the first 10 entries regularly because I have arranged them in the order of most used. That I have to look a little bit closer to select a seldom used action does not bother me.

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Are we going to see anything like this implemented. The idea of having a shorctut to switch between presets is inticing.

I like the implementation shown here but if im honest anything implementation that keeps me from clicking throgh to change the presets would make me happy. I cant tell you how many times i've Alt6 Enter & then sat looking at my data thinking "Why didnt that work...OHHH"

Another idea could be shorcut to fire off all action groups that are nested, for example I have a nested group

S.O.P.# ...

(That's just standard operating procedures)

Currently I hit Alt A S & all the action groups from S.O.P. are shown but i have to choose only one to execute. If i could somehow run them all that would be ideal.

99% of my presets are simply my nested group enabled all else disabled.

I mean as a workaround you could create one action group per preset and give each of these a specific shortcut combination within mp3tag.
For example Alt+A followed by C + E would call this action of mine.
And if you're worried about forgetting the hotkeys or simply find them too bothersome you could create voice activated macros in software like Voice Attack that calls these shortcuts for you when you say "fix volume" or whatever you like.

If you don't like grouping your actions into preset action groups, you could also create the presets by letting Voice Attack call your actions one after another.

So for example saying:
"use default preset"
would lead to voice attack hitting
Alt+A, C, E
Alt+A, C, D
Alt+A, B, A
or whichever shortcuts you've assigned in mp3tag. The possible downside with that approach are timings. Depending on how many files you edit and how fast the actions are executed it might try to run the next action while the previous one isn't done yet.

Just to give you some ideas on how you could work around the limitations of the current implementation of actions and action groups in mp3tag.

Thank you
I'll have to try voice attack. My issue with putting all the action groups into one is my number of mistakes. With so many actions in there Id be livid the moment something went wrong & i have to endlessly scroll through to pinpoint my syntax mistake I'd want to throw my keyboard.

Also how are you fixing volume? Im curious. I've been looking for general actions that I can make use of but im no quite sure what to search for in the general discussions

You should start a new topic for this.
But in short:
Mp3tag does not touch the audio part of songs. It handles the metadata around the audiopart.
If you are looking for MP3GAIN or REPLAYGAIN you should have a look for the specific audio tools.

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Oh, I'm an autist, that action does not fix the volume. I just hate having multiple ways that "volume" is written (especially within a series) so all my volume stuff gets the
Funny Sounds, Vol. 1
Funny Sounds, Vol. 2
That action just detects a bunch of different ways to write Volume and changes it to my preferred way.

There's a free demo on Steam, you can try it without shelling out the 10ish bucks. I've become seriously lazy since I started using it. And I still smile like a small child when I say "computer, damage report" and the task manager pops open. It's the little things.

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Ahh yeah I have soemthing similar for
(Feat. XYZ)

And That sounds really fun if im honest

I've got 2 action groups for that. The first one removes the "feat." etc. part from the title if the additional artist is already in the artist field.
And another one that appends the artist to the artist field and removes it from the title. I dislike having "feat." in the title at all. I'd rather have another artist and a clean title.

I've honestly forgotten how the 2nd one works but it does most of the times.
Since the "with" part also matches some normal parts of titles I only ever run it against tracks that do have multiple artists in the title and I check the results.
They're very much a work in progress. Any time I encounter something it didn't fix I edit them to include it.

If you know how to program you can create really powerful macros with loops, conditionals, variables etc.. It's a rabbit hole but very satisfying.

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