feature request - read/write/remove tags on toolbar


After having made myself use MP3tag (slowly) for awhile, I figured out mostly what it does, and what made it seem so difficult at first.

Basically, I can't see what I'm doing. And I only get confirmation AFTER things have been changed.

It would be lovely if the checkboxes for read/write/remove tags were visible on the toolbar - no more repeatedly opening options in between each edit AND being able to doublecheck BEFORE doing something that the right tags are read/written/deleted.

I don't usually like busy toolbars, but this would make MP3tag SO MUCH safer to use that I would happily put up with a SECOND toolbar for it. Hell, I might even donate, if I can find a working credit card in my household that someone is willing to put on paypal...

And once I figure out how to tell mp3tag what I WANT to do, it seems to do a lovely job of it.