Feature Request: Remove individual tags

I recently tried a few MP3-taggers to cleanup my MP3 collection, and settled for MP3tag. The one big feature I'm missing is an option to remove individual tags from files so I can only remove eg. one of the Lyrics-tag, ID3v1, ID3v2, APE, etc. tags.

Would be really nice if this could be implemented :slight_smile:

You can manage this by configuring the options, just so. Set the tags you want to write, set those you want to remove (not sure about the Lyrics tag). I believe the assumption is that you would want to tag all your Mp3 files with the same type of tags. Once you've configured which tags to remove, highlight your files and hit the big red X.

But, by the same token, this is a weak spot in the way Mp3tag works. It's kludgey, awkward, prone to misunderstanding and to error.

The problem with this is, that once the tags are loaded into MP3tag, they are all the same. They get mapped to a unique representation. The mappig follows APE>V2>V1.

This sometimes is confusing if you come from other programs that do not look at tags that way and you have tags stacked on top of each other or tags that show different modification states.
So, once you have edited the tags with MP3tag they represent your settings in Tools>Options>Mpeg (and not the mash-up that may be produced by other programs).

As the Lyrics Tag is not supported by MP3tag you get rid of it with a simple cut&paste of the tags.