Feature Request: Remove iTunes store personal info tags from files

so i actually bought a song from the itunes store... turns out encoded in it is about 500KB of tag data including my first and last names as well as my email address.

It would be great if mp3tag could remove all of this information.

Add an action 'REMOVE FIELDS' for the particular tags separated by ;


Or select all files ctrl+A and then alt+T and select the fields you want to remove by holding down ctrl at the same time and then click the little red X button to remove them. Save and close.

Your email address and other things you can remove the way "stevehero" described, but for example your Full name is embedded in the m4a file, the only way to remove this is (at the moment):

  1. Remove your Full Name with an Hex Editor (Be very Careful with this)
  2. Convert the M4a file to Mp3.