Feature Request: Rename Directory



Since i use mp3tag i'm quit ehappy but miss one feature present in a tool i wrote before using mp3tag. My private tool had the ability to change the directory name too in a format %artist% - %album% like pattern.

Is it possible to add this feature to the already feature packed mp3tag?

Wim van der Vegt

Creating Directories
Tag -> Filename does not copy all files

It's already possible:

Action type: Format value
Formatstring: %artist% - %album%



Thanks, just what i needed.

One drawback with the actions is that you there is no easy way to select a single user-defined actions (I would prefere a dropdown box with selected user-actions from the actions dialog, instead having to check what I need this time). That's fine but only if you need to apply several at one time.

Maybe you could add a dropdown list of favourite actions (or is it already hidden somewhere?).

Wim van der Vegt


That's included in the latest beta :slight_smile:


A quick question - actions are ordinarily run against a series of files...does this mean that selecting all files in a folder that make up an album will result in the action being run as many times as there are files in that folder?


While this is generally true, directories are only renamed once and export action are also executed only once at the end of all other action operations.