Feature request - rewrite tags (for iTune issues)


Use iTunes and after a while some songs would not play, well all the songs in an album!

So removed the ablum from iTunes and try to re-add, but would not go in. Tried opening in other player WMP and worked fine and tag info seen!

So opened up my trusty Mp3Tag program and tried to update the tags as UTF-16, but the albums still would not go back in.

Feature Request 1

After countless tries of getting the music in to iTunes (renaming file, drag-n-srop) found if I remove the tags completely in mp3Tag, save and then look up the album and save the tags the albumns would then be seena nd play in iTunes.

So what I am after is a way to do this for all files in one operation. A rewrite tags option!

Maybe there should be an advanced option on saving tags that tags are first totaly removed!

Feature Request 2

Ability to place column that you can add to the grid to left hand panel so you can set it for all selected items. Why, well iTunes likes the %band% (Album Artist) tag to be set, so spend countless hours setting that field to the title field! Tried creating an action to write title to band field, but did not get any where, sure problem must be on my part this time.


Use Ctrl+X to cut the tags (remove and copy to clipboard) and use Ctrl+V to paste them back.
Before you do this, check "Options > Tags > Mpeg" the Remove options.
The "Cut" command will remove all tags types that you have selected there.

Use "View > Extended Tags" [Alt+T] to edit the tag for multiple files or go to "Options > Tag panel" and add BAND field to the panel.
Although I'm not sure if it is a good idea to put the title tag in the band tag?