Feature request: Right-click to edit a single mp3 (conveniently)

I really liked the convenience of being able to right-click an mp3 for a quick edit of tags (e.g., ranking). I used dbPoweramp for this. See the attachment for a view of its simplicity.

I recently discovered dbPoweramp has the nasty habit of erasing tag entries in PodcastURL (WFED) and PodcastCategory (TCAT). See /t/17085/1. I need a replacement.

I request something akin to the tag panel (CTL+Q) in Mp3tag, but one where tags can be easily edited for each mp3.


Convenience is so much dependent on the current workflow. So I am not really sure what you mean.
There is the Extended Tags dialogue (Alt-T and right-click) which you can use to edit a single file or the selected files ... and you can use it to move to the next file in the current list.
You can adapt the tag panel so that the fields that you want to edit for a lot of files are displayed.
Esp. the ranking field is one the would be varying from file to file (if I would use it) as hardly all files are equally good.

Alt-T is an example of what is NOT convenient. You can't edit the entries directly. You have to open up a dialog box for each one you want to edit.

If edits could be performed within the tag panel that would be more convenient (what I was requesting), but as it is the tag panel is only a fancy filtering device.


No entry in the tag panel acts as filter. What are you referring to?

You can edit tags directly in both the tag panel (make sure 'Save tags with single mouse click' is enabled in Settings>Tags for easier saving) and the file list columns (right-click the column headers to customize which are displayed).

Editing in the columns is actually easier imo, although I do most editing in the tag panel.

Sorry for the confusion. If you look at the 2nd attachment from my original post it shows the Tag Panel. Changes to an mp3's tag cannot be made in this panel. But if they could be made then this would be a 'convenient' way to edit tags.


Sure, you can edit values within the Tag-Panel, ...
even in the edit field for TRACK someone can enter a new value or keep or remove the existing value.
This multi dialog window is made for the purpose to have a handful of edit fields within a hideable or floating or docked window; in a dual screen environment you can move the Tag Panel to the other screen.


You must click "Save" to apply the edits. :mt_save:

Thanks everyone. I misunderstood this very valuable feature of Mp3tag. As always, it's the best.