[Feature Request] Run single action on a directory from command line

I have an extremely complicated chained "Action" that I would like to run on every file in a single directory, from the command line, and then have MP3Tag just quit.

Basically, I'd like to run it from a Makefile :wink:

Right now, I have to right click, chose "Convert->Actions" and then OK (thankfully it remembers that I had the one I wanted checked off).

What say you?

Use direct access [Alt]+[6] instead of the mouse and the submenus.

Today there is no chance to have Mp3tag embedded in an unattended production batch process ...
... unless you are a master of automated sending of keystrokes.
Someone may willing to go this way to control Mp3tag in such a process ...
... but there is a caveat: the Mp3tag start up time.
The delay time for collecting the system ressources to build up the GUI and such internal processes will be summed up in a batch process, for each start of Mp3tag, and it will consume time.

Another way would be ... start Mp3tag only once and keep it open during the batch process and control it by automated sending the necessary keyboard commands for loading the current file and performing the prepared action.

Note that Mp3tag can be started with commandline parameter ... Mp3tag.exe /fn:"".
Once Mp3tag has been started, at any time a file can be loaded into Mp3tag by this way.
Mp3tag will still behave as a single instance application.
This would reduce the start up time to the minimum.
Somehow, at the right moment, someone has to press the necessary keyboard keys ... [Ctrl]+[A] and [Alt]+[6] and [Enter].
The batch process must be flagged to wait until Mp3tag has done the action job.

It would be rather nice and productive, if Mp3tag could provide a commandline parameter for invoking a predefined action by its name (mta or mtg file), for example like this ...
Mp3tag.exe /fn:"" /action:""


Thanks! The Alt-6 and the /fn may give me some places I can go with it, if my other request doesn't pan out.

i am trying to do the same thing I use Directory Opus and can have Directory Opus load mp3 files in to mp3tag from a button no problem with /fp: would love to load the same files and do an action then quit mp3tag all from command line ... i dont understand direct access [Alt]+[6] iam hoping it can do what i need

eg i have an action called Various Artists
thank you all for your help

Just the very brief comment on this:
up to now (2.91f) there is no way to start MP3tag with command line parameters to start an action.
On the other hand: it is possible to load files into MP3tag and then use "Tools" (user-defined programs or scripts) to be executed on the files.
Perhaps the other way round (don't call MP3tag with command line parameters, call other programs from MP3tag and handover tag data as command line parameters) is the easier way.

will +1 from me for mp3tag to have command line parameters to start an action ( i would put money in to that )

in the mean time Tools" (user-defined programs to do this task ?