Feature Request - Save a default sort order

As always sorry if this is already in the app somewhere... still learning the tricks after all these years.

In my workflow I usually want my columns sorted by album, but within the album I want things sorted by disc number and then track number. I can do this by clicking the Track, Disc, and Album headers, in that order. But if I need to change the sort for any reason, it takes a lot of clicking to get back. And it's always possible to make a mistake and open some new files without returning to my default... then if you do auto-numbering you could screw up.

So, what I propose is a preferences area where we can set a default sort order, specifying which columns to use... plus a checkbox for "apply default sort when opening files," plus a taskbar button for "apply default sort order."

I could see this being expanded to storing more than one sort order, with a few extra taskbar buttons so you can quickly switch around. But honestly in my case, the only sorts I use are the 3-level sort I mentioned plus a few single-column sorts ... saving multiples wouldn't help me out but maybe other people juggle multiple complex sorts.

Then ask for support and do not issue a feature request ...

If you want to sort a particular column by criteria that go beyond the contents of that column, then apply an expression in the column property "Sort by".
E.g. %album%%discnumber%$num(%track%,2)
(all in one, no spaces necessary).
This data will be used for sorting any time you sort by that column.
MP3tag remembers the last column by which you sorted.

That's very helpful, thanks!