feature request: save cover art in backgroud


When I remove cover art from an item and go to next one I configured to auto-save the change but I notice the interface is getting stuck.
I need the save to happen in background and show some progress icon.
Also I need hot key for remove cover operation.
Also I need new column in grid to show cover art. I need it to display many cover at once.
Also I would need to be able to re-size the cover art window.
Auto hide for panel for tag info would also be nice. Also to be able to arrange controls would be nice.


Yes, and definitely a thorough look at the help files and the topics in this forum.
There you will find hints on how to add columns to the files list (right-click on any column header).
Also it is described that a right-click on the displayed cover in the tag panel gives you access to functions to add, delete and shift covers in a file.
If there are more than one cover in the file you will get buttons for scrolling.

If you open (larger) files via the Explorer context menu or via drag&drop, Explorer may block the files when it detects modification. The better way would be to open files with the functions from Mp3tag's File menu.