Feature Request: search folder search master library find duplicate

I inherited a lot of music lately, and am trying to import into my library.

I would like to see the the file compare feature allow two kinds of of search
1st. type search - Compare songs in a base folder. for example:
D:\music\new rock flac this would be the base folder, has say 100 songs.
Compare all songs in following folders:
D:\music; D:\new mp3; D:\mp3 working; E:\music 1990s; E\music 2000s F:\Allmusic

1st type search - The second parameter is where to search. example:
F:\ Allmusic F music might have 50 subfolders with mp3, flac, other formats.

Search by:
•Duplicate Name Search
•Duplicate Search
•Duplicate Name+format (specify format)
•Duplicate tags (or specific tags)
•Non Duplicate tags

•Show All Duplicate Names. no path no folder
•Show All Duplicate Names & path\Folders
•Show only Identical content
•Show only Identical names / non identical content

There could be other filters i.e.
•file create - set the time span
•file modified - set the time span
•accessed - set the time span
•Stop search after "X" results
•Scan subfolders depth limit "X"
•Exclude folders
•Include Folders
•Exclude files

There are many search for duplicate file utilities, however, I haven't seen one specific for music, using the music tags grid like MP3tag. Which would allow other comparisons, genre, year, artist name, etc

Again this would really shorten my work time cleaning up tags on music I've fallen behind on adding to master library because of bad tags.

What qualifies as a duplicate in your opinion?
See e.g. this thread on the problem if you rely only on the tags:

In Mp3tag you can load files from all over the place, not just one folder. And you can add further files and folders to the already loaded ones.
In MP3tag you can sort and filter.
If you need a program that also uses an acoustic fingerprint, try "Similarity" (can be found with your favourite internet search).

Freeware that can do both is mediapurge for example.
Sounds about like function "Synchronize media stocks" (new media files to your existing base media stock)

Another option:
Finding duplicates based just based on tags is possible with fuzzy search but using acoustic fingerprint based search is much more safe.
I guess you don't want to remove duplicates within your existing mediafiles?
You can use function "search for duplicates" anyway,
cause you can choose manually or set directory rules to prefer or avoid directories.
(don't worry, In first step it just searches for duplicates, nothing will be delted with you consens)

Hey man that is so kind of you, thank you, so much.
Will check it out...