Feature request: Second 'Year'-field

I would love to be able to record a second year:
A first year to record the year the track was composed (or first released)
A second year to record the year the current version was released.
I have much classical music in the database. These tracks are typically composed in precious centuries, but the track may be recorded in 1970, or in 2015. Sometimes I've got several recordings of the same work.
Also, some pop-albums were re-issued.

There is a common tag for this ORIGYEAR but most players do not recognize it.

Classical music was often composed in one year, revised in another year, published in yet another year. A recording might be made in one year, issued in the next year, reissued in another year, reissued again in yet another year, etc. I find it simpler to use slashes, e.g. 1970/2020 to designate original year and reissue year.

You can use whatever format suits your situation. The id3 standard for the YEAR tag is to be a 4-digit number only. Some programs allow this to become a full yyyy-mm-dd format but it isn’t formally supported. There are several other date fields like release date that are available as well, but again most software only refers to the standard year field and most only use the first 4 characters.

The standard date format for download sites, such as Qobuz, now seems to be e.g.
..which I find extremely annoying.

It depends on the file format and tagging type used. There are potentially other date fields available as well like COPYRIGHT, DATE, RELEASETIME, etc. these can all be extended date formats.

There is a full table of the current supported tags for mp3tag here:

@MotleyG has already described all the technicalities.
Just to make that clear: you can already today add as many YEAR fields as you like - the only problem: most players do not support multi-value fields.
Adding fields with a different name like e.g. COMPOSEDYEAR or RECORDINGYEAR is also supported already - the only problem: most players do not support user-defined fields.

Aha. Thank you very much!
So it is my lack of knowledge. I have to study first, before asking...!
I'm sorry, but now I know where to go and search. I even already found how to add an extra field to the Tagpanel.
You've opened a new world to me.
Thanks again!

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