Feature request: Select all files from an Album

I would like a function and shortkey to select all the files from an album.
Sometimes I have long lists with many abums open in mp3tag and often I like to change a tag for an album. To do so now I have to select the first and the last file of an album with shift held down or something like that.

Where possible maybe mp3tag can determine if it can do the selection based on available tags or files in 1 directory. Best would be with a shortkey like alt-s so it is direct available.

The problem is that MP3tag does not know what an album is.
And it is not always clear whether you really have an album if the string in the ALBUM field is the same. Too many "Greatest", "Best of", "Gold" and so on. Or even album fields that are completely empty: do they belong to one album? Probably not. It is not even sure that all files from one album reside in one dedicated folder.

Also: depending on your sorting criteria, the tracks of one album do not have to be in sequence - so: what should be selected? In short: it depends a lot on the preferred workflow but MP3tag has functions to cope with a lot of them, e.g.:

What you could try:
Enter one or more words from an album title into the filter input - and you will see that the list of files is reduced to the hits. You can select these then easily with Ctrl-A.

I am aware that mp3tag would not always select the files of the right album. But it could take a guess based on a smart guessing algorithm. And 99% chance it will take a good guess. After selection you can see if the selected files are the right ones. If the selection contains wrong files then you can adjust the selection. But most of the time the right files will be selected I guess. Based on the initial selected file.

If all tag fields are empty mp3tag could select the files from that directory.
If the album tag is present select files with the same tag.
If album and artist are present select the files based on 2 tags.
The selection should be based on the selected file so if files with the same album name are in another directory they should not be included.

In rare occasions mp3tag makes the wrong or no selection, you can just do it still manually.

I know I could filter out what I need but it is not half as fast as fast a simple shortcut would be. Besides that you wil have the same issues with wrong files if you filter this way.

The reason I ask for this feature is just to speed things up when working on many files.
I do have another program for another purpose with such smart select function and it works perfect.

You can make your selection with a filter oder sort your files by the album-tag.

Filter example:
%album% IS "Abbey Road" OR %_directory% IS "Abbey Road"

What I want to achieve is to quickly select an album within a long list of albums. And after that the next, and the next etc.

The way to do that now is to select the first item in a list, hold shift and select the last one.

I could write a filter %album% IS "Abbey Road" OR %_directory% IS "Abbey Road" but that is even more work I guess. Because when I want to select the next album I have to type the next album name twice.

I am thinking of a shortkey like ALT-S, and based on a guessing pattern files are selected.

When cleaning up my tags I am editing existing tags and when I want to change a i.e. the Genre tag for many files the most work is selecting the files of 1 album. With 3000 albums one starts to wandering if this could make sense to select an album a quick way.

View filters are great, but I wish I could save them in a preset, just like with actions. The dropdown list contains all good en mistyped typed filters. I don't think I can clean it up. Bit that's offtopic

If you click on the right-arrow-button at the end of the filter field, you find 2 functions to remove the current filter entry or all of them.

Until you see a realization of your feature suggestion, you should get aquainted with the filter function and try to incorporate that in your workflow.