Feature Request: Select All


It would be very helpful to have an option that, when set, would automatically select all files when mp3tag is launched.

Select All Tracks
Mark items as default

hit Ctrl+A ...


Sure, that works, but it would still be handy to have all the tracks automatically selected. I almost always use Mp3tag on an entire directory containing a single album. The individual track tags will already be there from the ripping process and I just need to run one or two actions on all files in the directory.


Sorry, but this was already requested before.

I don't plan to add an option for it ... it's too easy to press [Ctrl+A] :rolleyes:

Best regards,
~ Florian


Here's the drill; it's the same exact thing every time I rip an album: I right-click a directory, select "Mp3tag", then when in the program, type in [Ctrl+A] on the keyboard, then go back to the mouse to select "Actions", click on an action or two, click "Ok", click the "x" to close Mp3tag.

How about a "Select All" button that is so common in many programs?