Feature Request: Select multiple Directories


I have been using MP3Tag for a few weeks, and find it extremely useful. I would like one feature though. In the Browse for Folder box, I would like to be able to select multiple folders (CTRL click, or Shift Click) I currently see no way to select multiple folders.

I would also like the Browse for Folder box to remember my settings. If I have a folder expanded, it should be expanded when I open it next time.


This Browse folder panel seems to me like anywhere else in Win, I think this is the same, so maybe you got to change anything in the system. However there is the add folder (folder icon with plus sign), or you can drag with Ctrl from any filemanager (TC, explorer etc.) to add multiple folders plus, or w/o Ctrl to change. It's good enough, isn't it?


No, not if you want to select multiple folders that are not subfolders.


8-O Why? In Mp3tag the first option is the Look into subdirectories...


because as above, they are NOT in subdirectories.


You can always use the Add Directory feature.