Feature Request: Set cover type for multiple selection

It would be nice if we could set the Cover Type for all selected files. This is currently not possible (grayed out).

Reason: I currently have 14946 files with covers, most of them still having cover type »Other«. I wish to set these to cover type »Front Cover«.

It’s much too much work to manually select single files (or albums having the same cover) and set the cover type for so many files.

(Since it’s only allowed to have one image each of the same cover type/description combination, this might have to be checked. For instance, I have one album (Guardian - Buzz) that had a foldable inlay so you could have 4 different front covers. I have all 4 in the files, all as »Front Cover« but with different descriptions of course.)

Any chance?

I like to have this too!
I noticed when I convert tracks (with covers) from iTunes to mp3 files, using the rightclick in Tunes, that then the album cover has type 'other'.
I do indeed have to change them 1 by 1 to 'front cover' before the cover shows up on my mobile phone's media player (Nokia E71).
Why can changing of the cover type not be done in 1 move for multiple files? Now It says 'covers are different', but I dont want to change the cover only the type.
And what is the fastest way to select tracks with covers in mp3tag?

You could make a new column in column view, containing:

  • Name: Covers
  • Value: %_covers%
  • Field: (leave empty)
  • Sort by: (leave empty)
And it will even show the number of covers in the file! :sunglasses:

You can then click on its column header to sort on it, and immediately have a nicely sorted list for no covers, 1 cover, 2 covers …

OK great thanks,
Now for the first question about changing cover type in bulk, anyone an idea? Or is this simply not possible in v2.42?

Yup, it's currently not possible.