Feature Request: Show (non-standard) MP3 Stream Editor Tags


could you find the heart to implement the non-standard MP3 tags that 3delite's MP3 Stream Editor writes into the files?

Mp3 Stream Editor is a very good piece of software for diagnosis and editing of MP3 Streams but it tends to leave you with extra non-standard tags that I cannot see in MP3Tag.

These are:

  • SEFC (Stream Editor Frame Count)
  • SEBR (Stream Editor Bit Rate)
  • SESC (Stream Editor Sample Cache)
  • SESP, SESA, SEST, SEAT (Stream Editor Subsong Layout Description Tags)
It would be really neat to have those display in MP3Tag so one could check for them and go delete them easily … :slight_smile:

This is unfortunately not planned.

Would a »Remove fields except« action delete these?

(As a workaround for being able to delete these tags, I just might use a 50-field-long »Remove fields action« …)

I don't know if this works (probably not), maybe you can try it yourself?

What definitely works to remove unsupported frames:
Remove the whole ID3v2 tag and write it back:
Ctrl+R and Ctrl+Z
Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V

Options > Tags > Mpeg > "Remove [x] ID3v2" must be ticked