Feature Request - simple copy-past of Song Titles

I would think that many users of this excellent program would really appreciate a feature update where it is easy to copy-paste a list of song titles directly into the Title field for multiple songs.

For example, highlighting and copying a simple text file list such as:
song title 1
song title 2
song title 3
song title 4
song title 5

and being able to paste it into multiple highlighted title field lines in MP3Tag, instead of having to copy/paste each song title one-by-one which is very time consumming.

What do you think grand wizard of MP3Tag?


Well I could need this feature only in very rare cases, because in fact for me there is rarely a situation where I can't get my tags from a web-source per script. In these rare cases where I have to c&p from the web because the scripts don't deliver I have to paste the information anyway in an empty text-file, because they need to get stripped from additional characters. And as I then have a text-file it is easy to use the converter "Textfile - Tags". This only as a hint for those that don't know this possibility.

I see a problem because at least at the moment there is no way to highlight a single field, you can only highlight complete lines.

Thanks for the response. I don't get tag info from web sources for bootleg live concerts. When I download bootleg live concerts many times the files are in flac format with generic numerical file names and an accompanying text file that includes song names, so i have to rename the files and title tags. At present one can only copy paste one name at a time. It would be so much quicker to be able to highlight and copy 12 lines and paste into the title field as a group.

Looks for me as the ideal source to use the converter Textfile -> Tag:
A group of songs brought in the same order as the content of the textfile, a textfile with 1 songname in each line.

Text to Tag function worked perfectly - thank you!