FEATURE REQUEST: small feature/fix - $meta_sep(composer,\\) in Composer column

It would be handy to have the Value of Composer column set up to $meta_sep(composer,\\) by default, instead of the current %composer%.

Composer field is usually multi-value, along with Artist and Genre (which already default to $meta_sep), and it's easy to forget to modify the column Value manually after a clean install.

This is a statement that will be hard to prove.
I think that most classical pieces have actually just one composer.
if you tag your files in a different way then you can adapt MP3tag to your needs - be glad you can.

Also, it is not at all necessary to split COMPOSER into multi-value fields if your player uses a separator of its own e.g. WMP uses "; " to create its own single-composer-name-list.
A multi-value-field would lead to the loss of display such information.

OK, maybe not usually, especially for classical music, but it's more than likely that you'll sooner or later run into a track (or album) with multiple composers.

Generally, the tags that are used by most people are title, artist, composer, albumartist and genre (the bare minimum being just title, artist, albumartist). Of those tags all but title and albumartist are likely to be multi-value. Even the ID3v2.3 spec, which is far from perfect, anticipated that and allowed TPE1 (artist), TCOM (composer), TEXT (lyricist), TOLY (original lyricist), TOPE (original artist), to be multi-value (not genre, though).

When dealing with FLAC, those multi-values are usually written as multiple tags, and they only show in column view if you use $meta_sep(), which Mp3tag does in artist and genre column by default. So why not just add it to another one of those most-used tags – composer?