Feature Request: Sort on masks for TAG->Filename etc

Would be nice if the drop down list of the precious masks for the TAG to/from file name was sorted. Looks sort of like it is in the order of creation. Not overly usefull if you have a number of masks and are looked, or shall we say HUNTING, for the mask you think you created in the past. If it were sorted, even by simple alphabetical sort, a user could quickly discover the mast, or the fact that mask is not on file. Nothing worse then searching through a long list of complex masks only to find the one you are looking for was cleaned out a while back.


If you have certain patterns that you use more often than others, then it may be worthwhile to consider to use an action and format the filename instead of the convert functions.

Also, the history of convert masks has already an incremental search so that you get suggestions once you have started typing in the beginning of the mask.

I think there are also other use cases where an alphabetical order is not the optimum way to present the list but to show it in a historical order or in the order by the most recently used one.

I only wanted to point out various other use cases. This is not intended to disqualify your request in any way.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did look at just fixing the file name, the problem is after being cleaned up I am importing all my MP3's into Media Monkey so it is actually more important to have the tags correct than they file names.

I did look at the history see if that would help, but not overly. Most of the masks I use look very simular, just things change like number of characters in discnumber etc.

As for the sort order, you are 100% correct. I am not overly concerned which order it is in, just that it is in some sort of order, other than last entered. Having the most used up at the top would work, alphabetically would work too. I have 8 main masks I use all the time, all start with %album% or %artist% in a list of over 2 dozen masks these 8 that I use 90% of the time and all start with '%a' are in position 1, 3, 10, , 6, 15, 22, 23, 24.

Just saying the Update IDTags based on masks is one of the most powerful tool with trying to clean up the information of over 50,000 MP3's This would make it less cumbersome to use.

You know that you probably can use for any of your masks predefined actions?
The converter is a special menue for some action types and it's main benefit is the immediate preview which makes it easy to test and build format strings.
If you have already a lot of working format strings you should take these for defining actions in teh action menue. There you can give names to your actions which makes it easy to sort them in any way you wish to.