Feature Request: Support MOV format

I think more people work with metadata for video and photo files than audio files these days. MOV is one of the leading formats after MP4.

Maybe a somewhat subjective statement, depending on who you might ask.

There is already mp3tag support for the widely used M4V, AVI, and MKV video formats. But isn't the MOV format proprietary to Quicktime (and primarily on MAC), using essentially the same container as M4V? Why not just convert or use the more supported format?

I would bet money on it. Billions are taking pics and vids with cell phones or Gopros. 1000x more than creating original audio content.

Anyways, converting to MP4 is what I currently do but nothing good can come from conversion unless you're careful with all the parameters. Many cameras are using MOV format such as the very popular Olympus TG-series. Plenty of editors that can change tags for MOV so it can't be that hard.

If this is too much to ask then you're gonna freak over my next request for Mp3Tag to support EXIF tags for image files. :smile:

I don't doubt this at all, but I would suggest that 99.999% of those using their cell phones to take pics and vids are not adding or editing any metadata. Most probably don't even know that it exists. Based on the regular feedback here for mp3tag, I would still suggest that the predominant use is for audio. At least so far. All just personal opinion of course!

Any tag support for new formats is completely up to the developer. The MOV and EXIF formats you suggested are certainly open to whatever @Florian decides. Whether these or any other formats are reasonably straight-forward to implement, if there is a license issue, or fall outside of the scope of the design, are likely the deciding factors I would assume.

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