Feature Request - Tabs in "Text file to Tag" Format String


First, thank you for such a wonderful tag editor! Hands down, the best. Knowing that you are busy and that this is mainly a hobby project, I will keep my request simple...

Would it be possible to detect [Tabs] as "\t" in the Format string when tagging from a text file? I tag several compilations a month from a tab delimited file. Currently, I have to replace the tabs (\t) with semi-colons (:wink: before tagging. Detecting tabs in Mp3tag would save me a search and replace in Vim!


Current Format String:

Proposed Change:

I assume that this is just an addition to a case-statement, or something simple (hopefully).

Thanks in advance!


You can enter your string in Notepad with tabs and paste it in Mp3tag. Tabs should work then.

Hi Tenorman, I have a question for the understanding of your equest.
I'm somewhat surprised that your manual change from TSV tab delimited records to CSV semicolon delimited records will not lead to further errors when importing such records.
Are there no errors when reading in the newly CSV data?

If not, then the first stage of creating/having a TSV formatted text file is really not necessary.
The sending application can export it's data immediately into a CSV formatted text file, which can be used by the current version of Mp3tag with ease.


Works perfect! Thanks Dano!

I am embarrassed to say that I had never thought to try pasting a string with tabs...

I'm not creating the text files myself. I subscribe to a music service which provides TSV files with each CD/DVD. I use those files for tagging. I was manually converting the TSV to CSV (colon) since I couldn't figure out how to properly import the TSV files.

Now, if Mp3tag could handle Mac/UNIX formatted text files (\n) in addition to Windows (\r\n), I would never have to touch the TSV files... (I open and save the files in Wordpad to change the linefeed format.)