[Feature Request] Tag Differences Between Same Filenames In Different Folders

Just like to start by saying I love Mp3Tag, it's accurate and awesome, and I really won't use anything else unless forced to.
I'd like to submit a feature request for Mp3Tag to provide a "tag compare" facility to display the tag differences between any discovered duplicate file names between two source folders. I know there have been several workarounds suggested in other threads which I believe to be too cumbersome and require the user to export files and leave the app, compare, return to app to resolve, etc. Mp3Tag handles tags so dependably and accurately that it's natural for it to eventually venture into this territory, especially as time goes on and people abandon CD's, metadata is getting more and more important. Compares of the actual music data is an ok feature, but not necessary, really just compares of the metadata frames and their contents is what I would like to see, to ensure that overzealous players and library management software don't add new unwanted tags or add unwanted information or strip wanted information from existing tags, as many of us spend countless hours tagging our music. Offensive tag data that appears in the 'differences' display could then be repaired within Mp3Tag without leaving the application.
I know this request opens many questions, e.g., what if more than 2 same file names occur deeper in subfolders (make user resolve first?), or equivalent tag data but different encoding (UTF-8 vs UTF-16) considered duplicates?, or what about file property differences (128 vs 256 bitrate)...
I know this is not likely a feature that would be simple to implement, but very useful, and would keep users from leaving Mp3tag to use other (flakey or cumbersome) apps for this purpose.