Feature request: Textfile - Tag in Action Group

I don't know whether this belongs in the General or Mac category, as I think the request should be valid for both OS's, even though my specific case is on OSX...

I would like to second this request to implement a new action equivalent to the "Textfile - Tag" functionality. The actual functionality I want is already in the app, but I since I do a lot of custom actions to clean up my tags it would save me extra time/clicks to be able to put this into an action group.

Use case:

  • I have one text file per album of songs
  • I download these text files with tag info in a specified format strings from a web API
  • I then use the "Textfile - tag" to fill out all relevant tags for each file in album
  • Then I use a set of custom action groups to clean up tags, combine some tags, capitalize if needed, and rename files/folders based on combination of tags

It would be very nice to include the "Textfile - tag" step in the action group to save a few extra clicks every time I run this process, and since the function already exists within the app - it should be easy to implement?

I'm on mp3tag for Mac

I am open to suggestions on alternatives to achieve the same result.

THANK YOU so much for making mp3tag for Mac! I can't believe I missed that it was launched. I've been looking for a decent tagging app for years. I love it!

There is an action to import data from text files:

As you do not say anything about the files and their structure, it is hard to tell whether there is an alternative.
I mean, it could also be a way to prepare the data with your web API to let it be imported with the already existing action.