Feature Request: Tree View with Drag and Drop support

A folder tree view would be very helpful for moving files quickly after completing tag edits & file renaming.

It could be turned on and off just like the tag panel and would be displayed in that column.

see e.g. here:

Use the tree in the Windows Explorer for the time being.
Did you know that meanwhile there is a function to open the file's location in the Windows Explorer?
So the function is already there, only not part of MP3tag.

I know what you're saying but I would like it to be a a part of the application. I use an older tool that has this ability and it makes a HUGE different with processing large amounts of tracks.

I never missed the tree, honestly.
So it must be your particular workflow.
Have you tried to move files by either renaming the filename or the folder name?
That goes much quicker than navigating around in a tree.

Anyway: you know now what kind of alternatives there are, you also know now that this has been a request since 2005 and you see what has happened in the meantime.
So, until the feature is implemented, I fear that you have to use the alternatives.

For example, I download all my tracks to a folder called Singles

This is a sub-folder inside of my parent folder which contains genre specific folders. So all the tagging is done from this folder.

Then I drag these tracks to Serato for analysis then to Mixed in Key for cue point generation.

Once completed I move all these files to their respective folders.

Currently I use Dr. Tag

So on the right side I have all the content of the singles folder and I drag them to the left because I see all of those folders on the left side.

However, I have all my other applications that have the capability to dark mode.

Hence why I'm migrating to this application but thought I would request it because there is only a couple features missing that would keep the same work flow.

When you can do this right within an application it makes a big difference.

Did you have a look at the documentation about how to rename files and folders?

You could move the files around as you like without the need to load the same files again (unless a third party program modifies the contents).

So, a tree is not the only way to manage files and folders.

If the tagging was already done in this first step, then the other programs you have called afterwards have nothing to do with mp3tag. You can move these folders anywhere after that, the tags won’t change.

I’m not sure how this relates to a tree based viewer being built into mp3tag. With all the dragging you have mentioned above, the existing Explorer views can do the same thing. At least until such time that it may be implemented internally,

Still not planning in adding anything like that. Windows Explorer (and alternative file managers) are pretty good in showing everything from trees, to context menus and so on and they usually interact nicely with Mp3tag including drag and drop.


I was referring to work flow. I use multiple monitors. So I'll have all three applications open.

The reason for the tree view was for moving files right within Mp3tag vs opening another window just to drag files.

Right now, I'm testing the move function to accomplish the same thing.

I know what you mean about the folders.

To simply the why, it was just the ability to move files right within mp3. As I mentioned I process a lot of tracks and have multiple applications open.

It's a workflow issue mostly because the application I have used for a very long time has this ability but doesn't have dark mode. It's not in development anymore as well.

Like I was mentioning, I'm going to use the move function to emulate the same workflow.