Feature request: "Undo" descriptions should give more informations


Because of some problems with the interface keyboard-chair of my setup, I sometimes make errors while using Mp3tag. Often, I cannot find back what I just messed up did, things like for example "dammit I saved advanced tags before I reviewed my changes and I cannot remember all of them and if I undo I'm not sure I'll be able to repeat all of them again".

Of course, a Redo fonctionnality would be veeery helpful, but I presume it wouldn't be easy to implement.

However, one other thing that would be very helpful for me is to provide more informative undo descriptions. In the status bar, instead of "undo change tag", things like "undo renaming of xxx to yyy", "undo deletion of tag "title" in xxx", "undo changing of tag "title" from foo to bar in xxx", and so on.

I know the place for text is limited so you cannot provide each and every piece of information, but already providing a little more info than currently would improve a lot!