Feature request: use unicode charterers (like half/fullwidth forms) substitutions for chars reserved by the file system when renaming

It would be really useful to have an option to use unicode substitutes instead of spaces when doing tag->filename renaming. e.g. if the song title is "Foo \ bar", the current output file name for %TITLE% would be "Foo bar". But, IMHO, either "Foo ⧵ bar" (U+29F5 Reverse Solidus Operator) or "Foo \ bar" (fullwidth as typically used in Asian scripts) would be a better option.

Some suggestion:
/: /
: \
/: ∕
: ⧵

<: <

: >
": "
?: ?
|: |
*: *
:: :

I've just listed the few I know about from windows, linux and macs but there might be a few more around I missed.

there is the function $validate() in which you can set a single replacement character.
And there is $replace() that you can use to set special replacement pairs.
Please note that not all characters are invalid for all OS.

Esp. the \ can be used to create folder structures. So an automatic replacement would deprive you of that function.
With the existing scripting functions you can adapt your format string according to your requirements and pinpoint the strings where you need the replacement.