Feature Request: Wildcards in Remove Fields actions

It would be convenient if wildcards could be used within the 'Remove Fields' and 'Remove Fields Except' actions.

Within a Remove Fields action, you could specify something like MUSICBRAINZ* to be rid of all MusicBrainz related fields, without needing to enumerate them all, or even know every single one. Another example: REPLAYGAIN* would remove all ReplayGain fields. I have an action group defined with a number of similar actions with related groups of tags in long semi-colon delimited strings.

(Here's an older request for the same thing, but I thought it better not to dig up a four year old thread.)

Here is something to play with ...

  1. Define the regular expression rule within the export script.
  2. Execute the export script against the selected files.
  3. Execute the newly created action group against the selected files.

Export.MTA.20140327.RemoveTagfields.mte (739 Bytes)

Export.MTA.20140327.RemoveTagfieldsExcept.mte (787 Bytes)

Export.MTA.20140327.RemoveTagfields.mte (739 Bytes)

Export.MTA.20140327.RemoveTagfieldsExcept.mte (787 Bytes)