FEATURE REQUEST: Zooming in list view

As I own multiple High DPI displays, there would be very convinient to zoom in "columns view" sometimes.

Pretty much like most of the web browsers have options to zoom in content they are displaying.

As long as there is no such function im MP3Tag you can use the Windows built in Magnifier.

Yes I could, fortunately I`m not that blind...yet... :laughing:

That's good to hear.

What I still don't get: I would get a high-resolution monitor so that it shows more information at one time.
If I use a zoom or magnifier, I see less information - so what was the point in getting one of these high-res things in the first place? I could have stayed with the less-res stuff.

So if you need bigger pixels on the screen, you could reduce the screen resolution.
But I agree, some features to adjust the layout (toolbar, file list) would be nice, yet: as long as the underlying OS does not support the zoom also for menus and other GUI elements that are supplied by the OS, then it is only half-way through...

Because distance to screen varies fair amount, depending what else am I doing.
At 2 meters unfortunately I barely see what Im doing or what is written in those columns. I dont multitask often that way, but sometimes it happens.

Yes, that is the option, but cosntantly changing it is pretty annoying, especially between switching the apps as some of them have internal scaling options as well, which means I have constantly adjust those as well then or every button vould be 640x640 pixels after that.

Anyway got your point, go for stronger glasses or bigger screen with less pixels...
You may delete this topic now.

High Resolution monitors show a sharper picture. There is a difference in wanting to enlarge the content of a window at special occasions or to want an enlarged content all the time.

Indeed you get bigger pixels in reducing the resololution but the picture looses sharpness.
One should never reduce the resolution to get enlarged content generally. For this purpose the OS has (or should have) its own scaling-settings. Modern Windows has these settings and since Windows 8.1 it's much improved. But there still are older applications that aren’t aware of DPI scaling and cannot use the possiblities of Windows 8.1 and later and therefore show blurry fonts if enlarged with scaling. For those applications Windows offers the compatibility mode and the setting "Disable display settings on high DPI-Settings" to get rid of the blurry fonts. But this is no solution for all problems that applications show that are not aware of the possibilities since Window 8.1

I use enlargement in the browsers (CTRL-+) at some ocassions to sometimes have a better look at some content but never would change to larger content generally.

Please introduce zoom in the coloumns view. It is hard for the eyes to look at the small lettering for hours at a time.

Kind Regards Carsten Coach