Feature Request: Zune Tags

I would like to request the ability to add or edit Zune-specific tags as noted in this article. The tags I would like to manipulate are:

AMGa_id (Album ID Number)
AMGp_id (Artist ID Number)
AMGt_id (Song ID Number)

The Zune software retrieves these tags from allmusic.com and they enable the songs to be recognized and tracked towards your play history. These tags also enable the Zune HD to retrieve further album and artist information such as pictures and bio, all viewable through the Zune HD.

The problem is that every time I let the Zune software update missing album information (only these tags) it also overwrites the album art I've painfully gathered and edited for months. I learned this the hard way, but I digress.

Interfacing with allmusic.com is probably too much to ask, but having the ability to manually input this information would be greatly appreciated.

I'll be sure to make another donation even if this feature is never implemented :slight_smile:

I don't have a Zune to check by myself, but can you please have a look at the extended tags dialog :mt_tag: View > Tags... or [Alt+T] and see whether these fields are already listed there?

If so, you can use the field names to also add columns to the file view (via View > Columns...) or to the Tag Panel (via Options > Tag Panel).

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Is there an update? The Zune Marketplace tags haven't been working since Zune 4.0 came out.


I don't have a Zune and don't know what "Zune Marketplace tags" are. Please try to be a little more specific.

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Zune Marketplace is where music and video are purchased for the Zune. Here is the old plugin for mp3tag:


It no longer works.

That's really a different problem...

Well, go here for updates:

There isn't one with the 800x800 artwork?

According to that blog post, no.

Hopefully soon. I loved that.