First of all, thank You very much for mp3tag. I really like it and found it extremaly useful :slight_smile:

Now my request:
My proposition is to add to mp3tag contex menu (over selected file) new command "open containing folder" which will open folder where selected file is located

tha's all

As long as your wish has not become true:

Add to options - > Tools a new tools-entry

Name: Explorer here
Path: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
Parameter: /e, /select, "%_path%"

Well. Good point. Didn't know that parameters are passed to options (I'm new in mp3tag).
Now I know :wink:
Thanks You for help , topic closed.

However, it would still be a welcome addition to Mp3tag, and would save users from the need to create a tool to do something so simple. It's a very common feature in other software packages. And if it were on the context menu it would be more convenient than having it down in the Tools menu.

While we're at it: How about the option to make the Tools menu a section within the context menu instead of having it as a submenu? Again, this is a common option in other software. A user with a lot of tools might not want to use it, but if (like me) you have only a handful of tools, they'd be easier and quicker to use if they were directly on the context menu.

I agree.

I would even go a step further.
I use about 12 self-defined tools but only 4 of them very very often.
Work would much easier for me If the icons-menue would be changeable by the user and if it would be possible to place some tools there too.
I noticed in my daily work, that I did not use a lot of the icons at all, specially those that open only another selection that I can reach with the text-menue too.
I prefer icons if they immediately cause an action, not only as an alternative usability option for the text-menue.
Anyway there is a lot of space fpr more icons - even if you don't want to deselect some of them to replace them with others.

Yes, a configurable toolbar has been requested many times.

I use very few of the existing buttons in the toolbar. It would be a nice interface enhancement if we could both hide existing buttons and also create user-definable buttons that call tools, action groups or saved sets of action groups.

Would be a great enhancement! :music:

I too would like Open containing folder and a toolbar of user tools.

I would NOT like the Tools menu entries merged into the main context menu. Merging added commands into right-click has reduced usability and caused ambiguity for me in other programs e.g. Explorer.

Hmm, already the 'Tools' menu is a subfolder within the context menu, this is good so as it is.
Just today my 'Tools' menu contains 59 tool definitions, and there are even more items allowed.

A personal toolbar for user defined tools would be of interest.


Read carefully: As an OPTION. No, you obviously wouldn't want your 59 tools added to the context menu. But I would love having my 5 tools located there instead of down in a submenu.

"Again, this is a common option in other software."

I don't recall ever seeing it in other software.

In Notepad++ 'Recent File History' preferences there's an option to display the recent file list in the File menu or in a submenu.

For WinZip's Windows Explorer integration, there's an option to use a submenu, so the user can choose whether the WinZip tools appear directly in the Explorer context menu or in a submenu.

That's just a couple off the top of my head.

That's not context menu.

That is. Thanks.

Oh, please. I'm simply talking about the option to move something up out of a submenu or vice versa, so that it's either more readily accessible, or that it doesn't clutter the menu. Your choice.