Feature Request

Allow us to add and remove Icons on the toolbar.
Allow us to make the toolbar icons larger.
Allow us to specify a default directory to save the newly tagged files. (different from the favorite directory we can specify in Options Directories)

An example of the add/remove icons.. I only use one icon, "Filename -> Tag" I usually click the one next to it each time as its a very small icon. If they were larger and if I could remove all the others that look similar that would be sweet.

Thanks, Bill

PS. i donated after trying your program for a few months (a few years back)

Thanks for all your work!!

As it is not really clear when tagging has finished, the file stays in the same place as long as the user does not invoke some kind of action to initiate the moving to a new location.

This can be done the following ways (depending on the purpose):
Convert>Tag-Filename (Alt-1)
Action "Format value" for _directory
Action "Format value" for _filename

So you can define you own default folders and filenames.

If you have difficulties hitting a button in the toolbar, it may be worthwhile to use the keyboard shortcuts.