Feature Request


I've been using mp3tag for awhile, and I love it. One behavior I would like to see improved is the ability to have multiple instances. I'll sometimes forget that I have it open, and launch mp3tag on a different folder and then it uses the already open instance and switches the content to the new field. I know I can learn to just CLOSE the first one, but having multiple instances would allow it to be more flexible for the user, rather than behaving unexpectedly.

Or, maybe this can already be done, if it can, please share :slight_smile:


It is not possible and it is also not planned. One reason is that it could cause trouble with settings. E.g. Open instance A, open instance B, change settings in B, exit B, exit A. When closing instance A, the settings changed in B are lost because A overwrites them.


That seems like an odd line of reasoning... or perhaps an even odder implementation. Why would merely closing the program save some settings? Don't they have to be explicitly saved by the user?

I also wouldn't mind having the ability to have multiple instances of Mp3tag open.


I agree. As a software developer, I recognized the first 4 words were the tip-off. It's software so anything's possible. In their defense though, it saves the settings automatically when closing. Even if the settings for B are lost, so what, the last settings you exited with are the settings you wanted anyway. An easy way to handle this if the programmer didn't want it to work that way, would be to save a copy, or even a hash, of the startup settings and if the settings didn't change from the time it was opened, don't save. It's not difficult.

Joshua K
Beyond Earth