feature request


one of 2 posibilities
actions that are based upon a particular query
or saveable filters

for example I do the following
extract album art
export cover to file "%album%-cover

but I only want to do it to
songsd where track =

ie the first track

if I could save the query
where track is ^1$|^1/
I could then do the action

or have the action filter would be best.

I know that ADVANCED database opertions are not likely to be supported ie go to fubar. but fubar does not work with embedded album art so I need to extract it.

I only want to do the first track to keep from having %album%-cover.jpg,%album%-cover(1).jpg,%album%-cover(2).jpg all int he same directory.


Maybe you can use Mp3tag's filter option for that [F3].


Thanks for reading florian
that is what I currently do.
if I could filter an action I would have a one click solution

I had a second request to save a filter. then I might have a 2 click action.
ie filter (choose saved filter) apply action

the actions I am useig are'nt simple replace with regex type actions.
extract image and run batch files (from tools).