Feature request

Sometimes I find a handful of songs with NO track information. I can often use FreeDB to find the album and then drag\drop the songs into the proper order to get them tagged right.

However I've found a better way and sadly a possible bug. If I sort both the album and the songs by Track LENGTH I can get the songs in the right order almost instantly - any more sorting is just a second or two to do. However when I click OK the songs are improperly tagged - it isn't marrying the left with right side but rather using the old sort on the right which is track order.

Could this be "fixed"? Might be more work than it's worth but when tagging several hundred gigs of music and pulling art for them it might make the process work a little easier :music:

Are you talking about the freedb dialog?

I can sort both the title information and the file list by length and after I press OK all files are tagged in the right order. Sorry, but I don't see a problem here.