Feature request??


Now that Dano has turned me on to the proper use of Actions, it would be nice if once a global Action is executed you could identify which tags were changed via the use of a different color text.


I do all my edits in a specific folder, I then open Mp3tag to that folder, use Ctrl-A to select all tags and click on the Actions icon. Mp3tag does its magic and when finished it informs me, via a pop-up window, that it did X amount of renames.

Great! But it would be nice if I could identify via a different color text (across the whole tag, not the actual letter/symbol changed) what songs/tags were modified.

I hope that I explained myself correctly and I'm not suggesting something that's already been done or in the pipe-line...


It would be very useful.
I support this request, lets see what Florian thinks.



Don't mean to be disrespectful or come accross as a pest but could you please give me a response?

A yes or no or I'll think about it or not in this lifetime would be more than sufficient.

Best regards...


You must be more patient, Florian will answer to your request.
First he is reading and fixing bug reports then support questions and the last are feature requests.



Per Milka's reply back in May I've waited a while but would like to touch base with you once again as to the possibility of this enhancement...

Thanks once again for such a wonderful and practical utility.


Hi Viper!

I can see, that this enhancement might be useful for some people, but I don't see the great benifit at the moment and I don't think that it's worth implementing this.

As a workaround you can export the information you want to monitor into an external text file before and after the actions are applied and use an external tool to perform a diff.

Best regards,