Feature Request



I've found Actions to be incredibly versatile, but one thing I want to be able to do is sometimes update the modified date on the file.

I have MP3Tag set to NOT do this normally, since repairing incorrect tags then flags that file as new music in my music software.

But, when I add new music, I would like to be able to select an action to touch the file, causing it to have the current date/time in the modified date field.

Or, is there another way to do this with actions?



Hello Geoff,

I won't add this feature to Mp3tag but you can use an external program like NirCmd (with setfiletime) as tool (Option > Tools).

Best regards,


Hi Florian,

Thanks for the reply. This is in fact what I am doing today, I was just hoping to roll it into my 'new music' action to make it all automatic, since I keep forgetting to do it. I hadn't clicked to the idea of using the Tools menu, so I'll start doing that (instead of dragging the folder to a shortcut in Explorer).

Perhaps another, more generic (and so probably more useful!) way would be to have an action that allowed firing an external application, with properties of the current file passed as parameters? Is there any way to do that today? Or maybe just a way to activate a tool from an action?