Feature request

Excuse an "old" man, who is completely new to the mp3-format.

As i was going to undertake a major conversion to mp3-format, i found it very surprising that none of the applications i tried out there seem to support the irsc-code. Even worse, there does not seem to be a tag for it, eventhough the information is stored on the cds, so it could be extracted and tagged.

Some people suggested using the comment.tag, if you have the irsc-code allready.


Q: How would i do to get the irsc-info i so much need in to a tag with the mp3tag application. I would consider a small donation if this could be solved.

Can this universal tag editor do "the job" :slight_smile:


You can enter the ISRC codes in three different ways with Mp3tag:

  • Add a new field ISRC to the tag panel on the left via Options > Tag Panel using ISRC as field
  • Or add a new column to the file view via View > Columns... and use %isrc% as Value and Field
  • Or simply add it via the extended tag dialog available through View > Tags... or [Alt+T]
Kind regards, Florian