Feature Request


As previously stated in another post, I now have my Actions just the way I want and need the results...

Although some of the Actions seem self explanatory, others were contributed by request made to this forum and with the help of the moderators and/or senior members. Hence, I basically followed their instructions and voilà!

However, I now look at some of these constructs and I'm not really sure what they do individually but I'm very aware that the sum of them gives me the results that I want. Sooooo....

How about either a free-form text field WITHIN the Action so that I can document what it does or a "REM" statement (a la MSDOS fame) so that I can insert it in the screen that shows all the Actions to be executed via a given name (in my case I've grouped them all together under "My Edits").

Many thanks in advance for your time and efforts.


Personally, I wouldn't like a comments field because I would never use it and it would just take up space. What I did, is I divided my actions into many groups that make the contents pretty self explainatory. Especially with the names Mp3tag gives the individual commands, things should be pretty clear.

I guess you could open each .mta file in notepad, add comments there and save it as a .txt file, but .mta files don't look very clear.