Feature Request

Found this forum today, and love the app. Good bit of developer (and I'm a fellow freeware developer so can appreciate the hard work you put in!). I have a feature request though, something which is surprisingly rare across the web....

I love the fact that you can select a folder-full of MP3s and do a freedb lookup and apply the tags to that album. However, I have about 800 albums in a folder structure d:\music\artist\album and about 40% of the albums have little or no tags whatsoever.

Therefore, could you put in a batch processing option which runs through an entire directory tree, and on a folder-by-folder basis performs a freedb query and applies the best-matching results? It would mean I could get my whole collection tagged in a single operation, and would just need to go through and manually tag maybe 20-30 albums. :smiley:

I can't see it'd take long to write, as you already have code to do the freedb lookup for a selection of files, and writing the folder iteration should only be about 30 lines of code. :wink:

What do you think?

Hmm ..., ..., ....
Automatizm, if it really works, without any failure, is ok, I am sure.

But thinking of a database like freedb and expecting that there is no quirk in it, that is never ok.
There is no reliability that the freedb data (like other databases) contains examined and exact data.

Is the number of titles correct?
Is the sequence of the titles correct?
Is the way of writing correct?
And other open question will come up on occasion.

My experience is, that you have to check up each freedb lookup by yourself, and have manually edits too.
I would never trust on a global search and replace tool like you think of.


I know what you mean. but in my eperience freedb either finds a match or it doesn't, it rarely finds the wrong album (particularly when using all tracks to calc the CDID). And as long as there was a folder/album results list of what's been found, I can review the results. But on the whole 90% of the results would be right (so maybe 200 albums...), leaving me to concentrate on the exceptions.

It amazes me that there seems to be no apps out there with this killer feature, despite it being obviously useful!

Would also love to see something like this.
Even a hotkey which selects the next folder's files in the mp3tag file list would help a lot. You could type the hotkey, then Cntl+Shift+I and so on, thus making the process faster.

Great idea that's been asked for many times but no apparent plans to develop. I think there is reluctance to do this because it may violate TOS for a number of metadata providers - just guessing but I can't see any other reasons not to do this, even if it had to be interactive. I'd gladly interactively confirm/ deny per album changes but have the file selection and directory traversing components automated.

Perhaps it would be useful if Florian could comment on this in terms of what the impediments are?