Feature Request


I use Mp3tag for some months now and I really appreciate its simplicity and power thanks to the script functions that allow us to manipulate the tag as we want very quickly and for me it is the best software i have tried to organize my mp3. So i thank very much the team of mp3tag for it's work.

The only thing that is accurately missing to me, is the explorer sidebar that exist on most equivalent software to navigate between differents folders, because i find a little bit heavy to have to change the folder by clicking the corresponding icon on the toolbar, especially because i have a lot of differents folder to work with.

So could you please in a future version add a folder-explorer with the usual "folder tree" (like the one of windows) on the side ?

Thank you very much

Thanks for your feedback!

I admit that it's quite unusual that there is not directory tree available on Mp3tag's main window. While such a directory tree has already been suggested multiple times, I still think that it isn't really necessary once you've discovered Mp3tag's support drag'n'drop. So to load a directory, you can simply drag it from Windows Explorer to Mp3tag's main window.

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I've been using Mp3tag for many years and have never used this. It seems like a lot more work than using Explorer's context menu, which I use exclusively. Right-click the folder in Windows Explorer, select Mp3tag.

Hello for both of you,

Thank's for your answers.

I didn't knew it was possible to open mp3tag that ways, it works well you're true, so it means there is already 3 different ways to add files in mp3tag.

But, you will think i'm a difficult person :rolleyes: , you always have to go from the explorer windows to find the folder you want and drag it to the mp3tag window (or use the context menu). So you have to play with 2 windows. It would be a little more easy to have the explorer tree directly inside mp3tag. Maybe you could put a button on the toolbar to make the directory tree appears inside the window of mp3tag or not, depending on the way the person likes to use it. But I understand everyone has it's own prefered way to do and it is only my little point of view.

Anyway thank you for your help.



Whilst I don't think it is necessary it would make editing the tags of files from different directories at the same time easier, CTRL and drag or a check box at the sie of each directory node.