Feature Requests

My first feature request would be a "Feature Requests" topic title, instead of under general :slight_smile:

I found mp3tag via a high recommendation from forum.xbmc.org,
and i must say mp3tag is an awesome app.
I would love to see a few extra features in this already brilliant program.

-When right clicking a song have the option to open its folder in explorer -When adding/changing a directory be able to still select folder but also have option to copy/paste folder info to jump direct to my destination since i might know it offhand. -When using for example 'Tag source' 'determine from selected files' while adjusting tag information it would be nice to have the song names on the right that dont line up or match more or less with the titles or the left in red/something or some a little more clear indication to better manage moving up/down for matching.
Or perhaps when selecting a song on the right highlights the one on the left to help with position.
-When selecting 'tag sources' 'cover art' rather have 'preview' display a thumbnail and have a 'display in browser' button to direct to amazon.com/.de instead

I use Media companion gen2 as my (xbmc htpc type app for tvshow and movies music etc.) manager but it does not support music managing, would be nice to be able to pull the music artist fanart with mp3tag for xbmc aswell.
Someone on their forum actually mentioned something intresting
"I've decided that Allmusic has the best text info, Last.fm has the best artist photos (after discovering that original/unresized photos are available through the API!), and Discogs has the best album artwork. So I've abstracted functions from all those sources, and have combined them into the Allmusic scraper as optional settings, much in the same way HTBackdrops is an option in all the scrapers"

  1. Try /t/9794/1

  2. Works in Windows Vista / 7
    You can also paste the path in the directory box in the tag panel and press the return key.