Feature requests


First, thanks for creating mp3tag, i really like it and use it often.

I have however two small request

  1. Is it possible to add support for mp3validator so before renaming atc you can easily validate all mp3's and see which have encoding errors (and have a button to run mp3valdiator to fix them).

  2. I would like an option to remove excess files from directories (so be able to have a white list of files I want to keep and remove the rest, normally the whitelist should contain suported music files like mpt3 and optionally the playlists). That way a batch operation would also make sure to remove sfv, par2 files etc.

You can access any other application from within Mp3Tag by creating a Tool to do so.

Menu bar > Tools > Options > Tools
Create a new Tool there:
Name: whatever you like (e.g. mp3validator)
Path: the path of the .exe file of mp3validator on you system. (e.g. C:\Program Files\MP3 Validator\mp3validator.exe, but you have to look it up yourself)
Parmeter: "%_path%"

There is no button for the tools, but you have quick access by pressing ctlr + 1-9 with the each number representing a tool in the order they are listed.


I found the tools menu but it's very limited. I would like to see that mp3 tag can parse the mp3validator output for each selected track and show the status in the grid.