Feature Requests


Hi and thanks for creating such a great piece of freeware. Finding freeware software of such quality is rare these days.

I've recently started sorting out my messy 35gig mp3 collection and been through just about every mp3 renamer/tagger/organiser there is and this was the one that I stuck with. :slight_smile:

I can think of a few features that would be great. I hope you will consider putting them in:

-The filter option at the bottom of the interface is cool, but I'd really like to see genre/artist/album select boxes similar to itunes. This is great for getting a general overview of the collection and finding things with incorrect tags.

  • Ability to label multi-artist albums as compilation to go in a seperate directory (another from itunes), not sure if ID3 tags support this though...
  • Delete empty directories after rename - because I am lazy. :smiley:
  • Some way of building a simple track db so no long reload times for huge file collections.

Just a few suggestions. Maybe you have already made decisions about some of them but I haven't had time to read through most of the forum.

Thanks again guys for the only great mp3 tagger out there!