feature suggestion: filters to select files

I have about 35,000 tracks, and I find it very slow and frustrating to sort and select files to open within Mp3tag using basic tags like genre within Windows 7 windows explorer. I'm aware of and I tried all the windows explorer tricks to make th is process quick, but I still wait 30 minutes or so while windows explorer slowly reads tags and then sorts. The alternative of opening all 35,000 tracks within Mp3tag takes about 20 minutes or so.

It would be great if, as part of "open directory", we could specify what files to open with tag filters (for example, all files with genre = classical) , and do so in a manner that's quicker than the options above.

While I understand your frustration, my experience with Windows Explorer is very different. It sounds to me as if your music files are not indexed. Am I correct? My files are, and a search of 10,000 files on the genre property takes about one second.

For reference, I am using Windows Search 4 on Vista SP2 and my CPU is an Intel Core 2 Duo (1.8 Ghz). Perhaps you might post your specs as well.

I use Windows 7 SP1 32 bit, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz. The files in question are on an external USB 2.0 hard drive.

I have indexing turned on, but not sure how quickly any index updates after anything changes in my directories. I've never had a fast search, but something changes to at least one of the files about every day as I fiddle with tags.

More details on what I've tried: I have my 35,000 files stored across about 10 directories nested under a single directory, so the first step to find files consists of a search that takes anywhere from a few seconds for a few hundred files, to about 20 minutes if I'm trying to need to grab all 35,000 files, and then a sort that takes 20 or 30 minutes for a sort across 35,000 files if that's what I grabbed. These files are not marked as library files (for some reason I can't get any searches to work with files in a library). I've also tried to change the "customize" setting to "general" or "music", but no change in seach and sort time. I've also turned off the display of as many columns as possible (I only view 6 columns). I view files in detail mode to see what I neeed to sort on and avoid speed issues with thumbnails.

Thanks for any tips to try.

This might be the bottle neck.


But is that drive indexed? Look in the indexing options dialog. Not all external drives can be indexed, and none are indexed by default. If it is a supported drive type, you have to add it via that dialog. If it is not supported, it will not appear in the list.

For unsupported drives, there is a workaround, not tested by me:

You may also want to Google on something like "Windows 7 index removable drives", as I see conflicting advice on this subject. What I do know is that indexing makes a huge difference.

Ooooh - good catch. I had selected the indexing option when looking at the drive's properties, but the indexing options dialog showed that my external drive was not being indexed.

Stay tuned for an update - I need to wait a bit to let this kick in. thanks!

Update - changing the index option did not have any significant impact, unfortunately.

I did finally get satisfactory results, but only after I added the folders with music files to the Music library.

That's curious, it should not be necessary to do that. The only thing different about libraries is that they are configured by default to enable content indexing. You can set the same options manually so I suspect that an earlier setup step went awry or was omitted. Anyway, at least it's now working for you!

I think you are right again. I just looked under "advanced" in the "Indexing Options" control panel, and I saw that it defaulted to just indexing file properties and not file contents (I did not look under "advanced" when I activated indexing).

In any case, I'll probably stick with the Library feature, unless you are aware of a downside to that.

Thanks again.