[feature suggestion] keep focus on last folder in directory selection

I have a hierarchical folder structure Music// with several hundred Artists under the Music folder.
When wanting to select another artist / album in the folder selection window I go 2 levels up to the level. But then the shown artist folders are again the first ones in the alphabetical name order. I have to scroll down again for one of the next artists near the last edited one.
It would be nice to have the same behavior like in the Windows Explorer which keeps the focus on the last selected entry when going one level up in the directory structure.
For example: when 'Rolling Stones' had been selected, going back to 'Artists' shows the first entries like 'ABBA', ACDC, ... from the subfolders. Going back in Explorer it shows entries with 'Rolling Stones' being the last line in the window.
I would appreciate this behavior much more. But anyway I want to say MP3Tag is really a great tool :slight_smile: .

In your workflow this might be the best way to move about in the file system.

Yet, I think there are other workflows where it is fairly hard to determine which is "the last folder": loading files from a playlist: is it the folder of the playlist or the folder of the last touched file?
Or it could be that a folder gets renamed in the process of tagging and it does not exist anymore or can be found in a completely different section of the folder tree.

What about these workarounds:
Keep the Windows Explorer open and drag&drop the folders in MP3tag. (This has other drawbacks like blocked files sometimes but perhaps this does not happen just then.)

Or copy the current path from the "Folder" field in the tag panel, open the select new folder dialogue and paste the path there - you are right back in the old folder and you can navigate from there.