feature suggestion: "Saved tag in ..." - Dialog

Hello again,

I feel like a resource-hog :unsure: since I make the second request in one day ... :flushed: But it is only because I use the program quite extensively, and have ideas along the way...

One thing is that once the tags are saved (for whatever reason: tag2file, file2tag, autonum, etc.), there is always a dialog: "Saved tag in ..." and a system sound.

It would be very cool if it was possible to

  • have an option to turn off the sound
  • have an option to not show the dialog again
  • have an option to always show the dialog, but autoclose it after xyz seconds

I should add I have not seen another tool with so kewl features as mp3tag anywhere... Apple should buy it and pay Florian a billion-gazillion... :w00t: :laughing:

It can be disabled at "Tools > Options > Messages".

I feel a tid bit stoopid now... :unsure: :flushed:


Feature wishing: an option to regulate Mp3tag system sounds. I like and need (most of) messages, and I like and need their sounds. But Mp3tag uses very loud sounds.

For example, in MS Office (and Total Commander too) there is a workaround: sound files are separate. I can find them in Control Panel >> Sounds >> MS Office section (Win7), so I could modify too loud sounds with Audacity. Mp3tag give me no such solution.

Firefox has a separate sound volume regulator in Windows system tray (as a division of Sound >> Mixer panel), but Mp3tag has not.