[Feature suggestion] Saving tags upon text field unfocus

My primary method of tagging is via the Tag Panel sidebar and with the 'Save tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click' setting enabled. However this setting only saves tags to file once the mouse clicks on a different file in the list view, rather than upon changing the focus to a different tag field in the Tag Panel.

Due to the current behavior many times I've lost entered tags from Alt+Tabbing out from Mp3Tag to check something and then discovering the tags weren't saved and I have to re-enter them. Or other scenarios where the Mp3Tag has unfocused the selected file and the entered data was lost.

My proposal is to have an option that saves tags to file after any individual tag text field is unfocused after entering data. This still leaves the Undo function usable but I believe would prevent those times where Mp3Tag looses focus and all entered data in the Tag Panel is lost.

If you get accustomed to pressing Ctrl-S every time you finish the modification of data in a field, you have the function to save the modification.

Sure, but I think Mp3Tag could be better at remembering entered data in general at least as a simple option like proposed.

There have been too many times I'll be partially through completing some tag for a file - a podcast for example - and switch to Firefox or some other action and some way or another the file in Mp3Tag loses focus and the entered data is reset even though the track is still visibly highlighted in the list/column view. It's hard to reproduce as I'm not sure what exactly causes it but it's those times that such a feature would be of use.

I'd just like some greater reliability/fallback when tagging. The knowledge that the program is saving all entered tags upon changing fields - or at the very least not resetting entered data unexpectedly - would provide that. Entering tags directly in the file list columns saves upon changing column focus, so it's not too dissimilar.

Anyway, guess I'll have to hit Ctrl+S after every change to be absolutely sure from now on.