Feature Suggestion: Separate Track and Disc Numbers into two fields

Within iTunes, using Get Info on a song to display the track information, the Track Number and Disc Number data are both split across two fields each. This makes it very, very easy to set the 'of' number.

Unless I've missed something, to set the 'of' value in mp3tag, such as the total number of tracks in the album, each track needs to be edited individually, adding the /## to the current track number, which takes an age to do.

What do you think of splitting track number and disc number fields across the '/' into two fields?

The track number and total number of tracks can be set with the track number assistant.

The format of the field TRCK is as it is displayed in MP3tag.

There is no assistant for the discnumber.

You can create columns with the contents and field of %track% and %totaltracks% and %discnumber% and %totaldiscs%.
To merge the fields to %track% and %discnumber%, you have to create an action of the type "Format value" for e.g. TRACK
Format string: $num(%track%,2)/$num(%totaltracks,2)
and something similar for DISCNUMBER

I had no idea that tool existed!

Perhaps 'Auto-numbering wizard...' could be renamed to 'Track Number Wizard' to make this easier to discover?