Feature Suggestion: Tools/Options/Tags/FLAC

FLAC files can have ID3 tags. Though it is recommended only to use FLAC type tags (like Vorbis Comment), some people use those.

I think it would be good to introduce an additional section in Tools/Options/Tags to handle FLAC files separately: So one could more easily specify which kind of tags should be read/written/removed.

(Just got a FLAC file that was ID3v2 tagged, added ReplayGain using metaflac and found I could suddenly only see the FLAC tags generated by metaflac. So I had no chance to specify something like »read both FLAC+ID3v2, write FLAC, remove everything except FLAC«.)

This would be especially neat since I currently use Mp3tag and a batch Export to replay-gain my whole collection (which replay-gains album-oriented, auto-distinguishing between MP3, OGG, and FLAC). It would be great if I could go through all FLAC files before and re-tag those to FLAC tags only that might be mis-tagged using ID3v2.

I agree. This has been an issue with Mp3tag for quite some time. The current method of deleting all tags and then pasting them back in can be very dangerous when work with large numbers of files.

Anytime someone gives me any Flac files the very first thing I do is re-encode them in Flac. It's extremely fast and it accomplishes several things:

  1. It makes sure that the files are encoded in the latest version of Flac.

  2. It makes sure that all my files are encoded at the same compression level.


  1. It removes any ID3 tags.

Sounds a good idea, also to keep up with the latest encoder one uses.

EDIT: Just did a quick test (Windows, using flac 1.2.1):

flac --force --no-keep-foreign-metadata --verify sample.flac

still returns ERROR: input file sample.flac has an ID3v2 tag (which Mp3tag verifys).

Any ideas?

Yes, I have IDEA! :slight_smile: Delete this all fuc_ing ID3v2 tags from *.flac :smiley:

find -iname '*.flac' -print0 | xargs -0 mid3v2 -d I do that under <b>Debian GNU/Linux</b>.